Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Supplies & Accessories

I was lucky enough to have an abundant supply of ink at college and now I'm having to find my way through the myriad of choices available.  I enjoy working with oil-based inks as I feel the coverage is better so I have bought a new tin of oil-based black ink from Gerstaecker.   The only draw back to using oil-based ink is that you have to use solvents to clean your equipment and the lino.  I use low odour white spirit, but this can still be smelt around the house for a fair few hours after I've cleaned up for the day.  So, I've decided to experiment with a water based ink too.  This is much easier to clean up after use, but I’d like to compare the ink finish.  I think I’ll produce something small just to be able to compare like for like. 

I’ve also bought a new baren, rather than plastic I’ve opted for a Japanese hand rubber baren.  I’m used to using a printing press but I don’t have the luxury of one at home, so for the time being I’ll be using a lot of ‘elbow grease’ to burnish my prints by hand. I'm on the look out for a press and am currently saving for one, burnishing by hand is a longer process than using the presss and as my time is restricted, I want to make the best use of it.

So, with time constraints on my mind, I’m off to draw and design my next print.


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