Saturday, October 20, 2012


Every year I tidy out our loft.  It's my way of making sure that we don't keep hold of old junk for too long.  I keep all my old photo boxes in the loft and I always take the opportunity to leaf through really old photos that haven't been scanned onto the computer.  Too mammoth a task to contemplate when there is so much Art to do!

I found some old photos that I took on a holiday to Cornwall back in '93.  We had a great holiday that year, but I remember coming home with a chest infection from staying in a holiday chalet that was very damp.  That'll teach me to rough it.

Clovelly used to be a fishing village and is a cluster of wattle and daub cottages.   What I remember most about the village was how steep it was, it descends 400 feet to the pier and because of this no vehicles are allowed.

It's a very quaint village and I really enjoyed the view back toward the village from the end of the pier.
So, with my fond memories still very clear in my mind I decided to use my photo (which isn't this one, I borrowed this from the official Clovelly website) as a guide to producing a linocut.

Sketchbook at the ready, I scribbled out an outline of the print I want to produce.  I decided to keep the print quite small so have used an A5 piece of lino.  I transferred the picture using a pencil.  I found this quite effective as the pencil lines are a reflective silver colour so easy to see.  I used my, recently purchased, set of Gerstaecker lino cutters from Great Art, to cut out the picture on the lino.  These have been a big improvement on my cheap cutters.  

I've produced a proof to review and can already see where I can make some improvements, but generally I am happy with this.  I've decided to purchase some oil based relief ink to use and as soon as this arrives I'll get to work on the printing.  I'm not sure how big an edition it will be so I'll wait to see how it turns out.

So, off to order my ink, and then I get started on printing.

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