Sunday, October 14, 2012

And the story continues ...

The last time I posted on my blog I had just set up a new website and thought that I would put everything in one place.  It seemed like a logical thing to do so that I wouldn't be wasting time that should be devoted to making art.  However, I found that over the last 10 months I have missed my blog.  I've tried to have a blog on the website itself, but found I didn't like that.  I also set up a Facebook page and Twitter account but still feel I am missing the narrative that you get with a blog.  I also found that I was taking less photographs which I used to like sharing through "farflungsky".

So, I have returned.

I hope that you will rejoin my journey as I develop my skills as an artist.  In the last year I have developed a passion for printmaking and so I have set up a small studio at home to continue this now that I have finished my year at Strode College.

I had such a great time doing my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design and had I been given the choice, I am sure that I would not have returned to corporate land.  However, I have a plan!  I hope to develop my arts skills sufficiently over the next 3 years to be able to have some income from my labour and just maybe my 5-9pm job might become something more.

It's taken ages to get the blog set up again and to connect it to my website, facebook page, twitter account  - need I go on.  I thought I was quite good with computers but clearly not.

So, the sketchbook awaits and I'm off to enjoy myself.



  1. Hi Jean, I tried to post a comment to say welcome back, but it hasn't appeared, so I'm trying again.

    (It could be because you've got capcha enabled - you don't really need it - the spam filters work perfectly well)

  2. Thanks Kate, still setting everything up again - I'll be finished this weekend.