Thursday, November 3, 2011

Greek Mythology Assessment Week

When I started the Foundation Art & Design course I naively thought that I would be able to have holidays at each half and end of term.  However, that idyllic vision was soon dispelled when I spent most of the half term finishing off the 2D pieces, mounting these and then bringing my sketchbook up to date.

So with my 2D and 3D responses ready I went back to college for assessment week.  The assessments went well and I finally took photos of my pieces for my portfolio.

I've learnt loads on this project; welding, plaster casting, applying finishes to plaster, gold leaf, metal drilling and polishing, sawing and sanding oak.  All these skills were used on the 3D piece.

I learnt to do photograms, and intaglio etchings which I used for my 2D responses.  I photographed the photogram to show it on the blog but the photo hasn't turned out very well, it's a bit blurry.  What you will hopefully get is an appreciation of what it looks like.

I chose the Greek God Pan for my subject and the fact that he spends all his time chasing women with no success!  Although he is portrayed as a serial letch I thought I would turn the psychology table and explore the fact that he may have a bleeding heart from the unrequited love for the sculpture.  Then a more literal translation of revulsion with the prints.

Hope you like them!

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