Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life Drawing

practising foreshortening

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Film Making

We started our filmmaking sessions this week which will be great fun.  I found this animation (By Hapanimination) on You Tube which I think is brilliant and reminds me of all the To Do lists that I write myself although not on sticky notes - brilliant concept.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

War & Peace

So, we begin a new pathway project; War and Peace.  The brief is very open so I'm looking forward to exploring this topic.

In July 2010 we spent our annual holiday in France, visiting the World War One memorials and battlefields.  This war was originally called the Great War, and only by seeing the many visual records of this on the landscape, can you appreciate the magnitude of this conflict.   On my original blog was a banner photo and this was taken by my son, George, at the Vimy Ridge Memorial.  This memorial is a magnificent reminder of the soldiers who lost their lives and George captured this beautifully in his photo.    

I spent yesterday in peace and solitude (the boys were out playing sport) and sketched part of this memorial.   The figure of a cloaked young female stands on top of the front wall and overlooks the Douai Plains. The woman has her head bowed, her eyes cast down, and her chin resting in one hand. Below her at ground level of the former battlefield is a sarcophagus, bearing a Brodie helmet, a sword and draped in laurel branches. The saddened figure of Canada Bereft, also known as Mother Canada, is a national personification of the young nation of Canada, mourning her dead. The statue, a reference to traditional images of the Mater Dolorosa and presented in a similar style to that of Michelangelo's Pieta, faces eastward looking out to the dawn of the new day. Unlike the other statues on the monument, stonemasons carved Canada Bereft from a single 30 tonne block of stone. The statue is the largest single piece in the monument and serves as a focal point.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Greek Mythology Assessment Week

When I started the Foundation Art & Design course I naively thought that I would be able to have holidays at each half and end of term.  However, that idyllic vision was soon dispelled when I spent most of the half term finishing off the 2D pieces, mounting these and then bringing my sketchbook up to date.

So with my 2D and 3D responses ready I went back to college for assessment week.  The assessments went well and I finally took photos of my pieces for my portfolio.

I've learnt loads on this project; welding, plaster casting, applying finishes to plaster, gold leaf, metal drilling and polishing, sawing and sanding oak.  All these skills were used on the 3D piece.

I learnt to do photograms, and intaglio etchings which I used for my 2D responses.  I photographed the photogram to show it on the blog but the photo hasn't turned out very well, it's a bit blurry.  What you will hopefully get is an appreciation of what it looks like.

I chose the Greek God Pan for my subject and the fact that he spends all his time chasing women with no success!  Although he is portrayed as a serial letch I thought I would turn the psychology table and explore the fact that he may have a bleeding heart from the unrequited love for the sculpture.  Then a more literal translation of revulsion with the prints.

Hope you like them!