Monday, October 10, 2011

Experimenting with Depth of Field

On the photography rotation our main assignment is to produce eight black and white prints with a theme of light and shadow.  Unfortunately, every time the sun has been blazing away, I have been working in the sculpture room on my pathway project, 'The Classics'.

So, in the absence of any decent rays to cast a shadow, I went out to experiment with 'depth of field'.

As usual, Mr P decided he wanted to be in the photos so I had to oblige!

f/20  1/50 

f/20  1/30

f/4.5  1/400

f/5.6  1/160

f/20  1/50

All the field are barren now except for the maize photographed here.  This is only used for animal feed - it's not fit for human consumption - don't confuse it with sweetcorn that we enjoy!

As I sit here the sun has set and the moon is now high in the sky, masked slightly by the clouds moving across.  It's such a beautiful sight, full of mystery and so alluring.

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