Friday, September 16, 2011

On days like this.....

.. it's hard to stay indoors, and that's where I have been for most of the day.  The Art course has started and we have just completed our first assignment; A Cardboard Puppet Show.  It was a great day, in fact it had all the excitement of anticipating the show at a real circus. The show went well and we were pleased with our puppet.  I'll set up a page with all the details at some point for those of you that would like to know how much fun you can have with a few boxes of cardboard!

This is Coco the Clown (not very inventive I know, but when your focus is having a fully operational cardboard puppet of approximately 1 metre high) the name didn't get that much attention.

One of this terms workshops is Photography and as you know I'm very rarely on a walk without a camera in my hand.  Although I am sad to say that on Wednesday morning I missed a fantastic photo opportunity as it was a clear sky overnight and we have a beautiful frost.  So much so, that the cobwebs were highlighted beautifully against the dark stems of the pea plants.  (You would have thought I would have learnt that lesson some time ago.)  However, the challenge for this workshop is to produce a number of prints from a NON DIGITAL (yes, you read correctly) SLR camera using Black and White Film.  So, this afternoon on my return from college, I have been out experimenting.  The theme for the assignment is Light and Shadow and as today was such a sunny day, I thought I would catch the last of the sun before it began to set. 

I have been experimenting using my digital camera and I have slightly altered these photos by adding some sharpness and contrast to see the results.  I have chosen 'architectural' as my subject which I am interpreting as buildings, walls, doors windows, but my tutor has cautioned my about reproducing a National Trust calendar!!  

The great thing about this workshop is that we will be using the dark room to develop, can't wait for this, something I have wanted to do for a long time.

So, here are my experiments of the day.  

Hopefully we will have a few more days like this before the autumn finally sets in.  However, now I am off for a well earned glass of wine and to cook the dinner!

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