Friday, August 26, 2011


What is a sketchbook journal?

"As the name suggests, it is a book, usually bound, containing both sketches and bits of personal history and observations.  More than a diary of written words, it is an outlet for visual expression and artistic creativity.  Where words leave off, the sketchbook journal awakens the mind with shapes, colours and textures, all seen through the eye of the recorder and preserved in his own personal style."  These are the words of Claudia Nice, whose book I bought many years ago, entitled "How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal."

I've revisited the book in the last few months as a requirement of the Art Foundation course is that you keep lots of these.

As this is a learning experience, there will be some good drawings and observations and some not so good, however, I thought I would share them on my blog - yes, I mean all of them.  So, I've set up a separate page to keep all the pages together - you'll see the tab "sketchbook/journal" at the top of the page somewhere, when I find where to put it!

The Fun Page (Inside Front Cover)

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