Friday, June 3, 2011

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BBC Wildlife wants to know what our readers see on their commutes and errands. Wherever you go, whatever you spot, we want to hear from you.
My journey to work begins with a bike ride. I scan the sky for swifts as I head down to the cycle track that runs through a small woodland, and here look out for muntjac deer, though I tend to see these at dusk on my way home.
I emerge from the track onto a main road, where I often see buzzards and foxes in the adjacent field. Forking off into quiet country lanes, I count the chiffchaffs for the last few kilometres – my record is six – and in the summer I watch for swallows over the farm just past the pub.
One blustery autumnal morning, a windswept little egret flew over my head.
Arriving at the train station, I check to see if last year’s chiffchaff, who regularly sung his heart out while perched in full view on the phone lines above the platform, is still around.
I see plenty of wildlife on my train ride to Bristol, too; then, once in town, there’s always a chance of a peregrine staring down from the old brewery or a cormorant on the river.
On the bike ride home again, I may take a breather at the common to admire the orchid display and the last few cowslips. There are skylarks here, and as evening falls a badger might emerge from one of the numerous setts to begin its night’s feasting.
Of course, few of these sightings constitute anything unusual, but they do make my trip to the BBC Wildlife office more enjoyable.
In short, your commute – or any daily journey you make – doesn’t have to be dead time. There are so many opportunities to watch wildlife, whether you’re on foot or a bike, or in a car, train, bus or ferry.
Now we want you to start looking and send in your observations. We want to build up a picture of what readers across the country are seeing on a daily basis, and try to work out what that says about the state of wildlife in Britain today.
We’ll be publishing the results of your observations in a special report in the autumn.
The more of you who get involved, the better. So, over to you.James Fair

The wildlife I saw from Monday 6–Friday 10 June 2011

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