Friday, June 3, 2011

Colour - Assignment 1

Finally, I managed to get myself planted firmly on my chair and start assignment number 1 in David Hornung's book, Colour.

Experimenting is ...... fun, exciting, a chance to make a mess, a chance to question yourself and the task you are doing.  Well, I went through all of these and the one thing that is missing when you do these things yourself is feedback.   I know there are no right or wrong answers (except my art tutor says that you can tell when some things are definitely wrong!) and that art is all about experimenting and finding things yourself, but when you are learning it would be nice for someone to look over your shoulder and say "yes, you are on the right track".  They don't need to say that it looks great (although that feedback is always welcome!), but it helps if you know that you are following the learning path set out in the assignments.

So, I have to ask you, reader (if anyone is reading this blog!), to tell me what you think of the colours.  The assignment is designed to focus on the production of chromatic grays.  This is described in the book as follows:

"Chromatic Grays exhibit a subtle, yet discernible hue. One can create chromatic grays by adding black, white, or gray to the prismatic colour.  Adding the complement of a hue will also diminish its saturation and produce a chromatic gray.  Chromatic grays simply require larger quantities of black, white, gray or the complementary colour."

Assignment No 1

I'm not so sure that the colours are subtle enough, but I'm sure my art tutor will advise me when I see her next.

I hope that you can leave a comment as some readers haven't been able to.


  1. it's working now Eliza I can comment

    A good book on colour that you might enjoy is Jeanne Dobie's Making Color Sing (American spelling) - it's a really good one for using complementaries to create beautiful subtle greys and neutrals and .... make colour sing :>)

    You aren't too far from Malvern are you? The Malvern gallery shows work by David Prentice - I love his work, it's worth a look if you don't know it.

  2. I'm still learning how to take my art seriously, and technically I'm a child, so my view is just that.
    I love the bottom half - it really works for me in tone and shape. The top half less so, particularly the top left corner - too much symmetry for my wonky taste, I think. But a nice piece.
    Best of luck with your A-Level.

  3. I love these colours together - I am learning along with you! It seems that this is about the harmony of colours together, getting to grips with tints, tones and shades, its very exciting playing with the brightness and dullness of a colour. I think a lot here is about instinct, lose yourself in it and heed that little inner voice.