Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Designers in Britain

I recently read a blog spot by Lucy King entitled Designers in Britain 1947.

One of the pictures reminded me of these biscuit tins I have sat on my drawing desk.  I use them to keep my pens, pencils etc tidy.  These designs are so similar to the spice jar designs that Lucy shows in her blot spot.

So, I thought I would put them on my blog for Lucy to see.


  1. Hi Eliza! Thanks for putting these on your blog for me to see. The tins really are quite beautiful - they almost look like they've been done by decoupage. I can see why you bought them and keep them on display - I hope you got to sample all the biscuits too!! ;-)
    Lucy x

  2. Hi Lucy ... thanks for stopping by. The biscuits were gorgeous!