Friday, February 4, 2011

Follow My Leader

 I remember as a child playing a game called "Follow My Leader".  It was a great game which involved one child walking at the front of a group of children.  Where ever you went, the other children had to follow and this meant lots of strange meandering around the playing field and through the playground equipment; swings, seesaw, monkey bars, round-a-bout, etc.

I had a great time playing this game, but we added a twist so that when the leader turned around, all the other children had to stand still and not get caught moving at all.

Lots and lots of fun!This memory was dug out from the memory chest at the back of my brain.  You know, the place were all distant memories sit, ready for old age.

And so, it was these lovely sheep that sparked that memory for me.  The farmer recently put these beauties in a field that I walk through most days with the dog.  However, now Mr P has to be on a lead!

After several days of walking through the field, I decided to take some pictures for drawing.  As I turned to look back, what should I find but the group following along the track behind me!

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