Friday, February 25, 2011

Re-dressing the Balance

I spend a lot of time "in technology".  I work in an office that, by some standards, is in the dark age when it comes to technology - we are just getting the hang of instant messaging!  However, I am regularly on email, the intranet, the extranet and conference calls.

At home, we have two laptops and a desktop computer.  Most evenings at least one of these is switched on (normally mine).  We watch TV and films and also play lots of music. G likes to play games, watch YouTube and Facebook (a little).  I use a digital camera to take pictures when I go walking - the outputs of this can be seen regularly on this blog.

I have often talked to my husband about having less technology on in the house - for him this means less TV.  For G there would be less games (he would argue that he doesn't spend long enough on there as it is.  We restrict it quite heavily) as for me, this would mean less time looking at other peoples' art on the internet - something I would miss a lot.

However, my sister recently sent me this book in the post to read.  She thought I would relate well to Susan Maushart who did just what I want to do.  She disconnected her house for 6 months; called "The Experiment"  she wanted to see the effect this would have on herself, and her children.  Needless to say that it has, on the whole, been a positive experience.  This is a fabulous book for anyone feeling that they are becoming swamped with technology.

For my part, I find that it is distracting me from drawing and painting which is exactly where I want to spend my time.  So it's time to redress the balance.  Less time to look at other people's wonderful blogs and works of art, and more time doing my art.  It may also mean less postings on my blog, but hopefully the quality will be better for this.

Before signing off today though, I would like to share a great blog that I have come across; Bigprint Little Blog is a blog by Allison Langton who is a textile designer and illustrator living in Australia.  Her illustrations are just beautiful and she has just started a new adventure.  I always think its admirable when people take a brave step in their life to fulfill their dreams.  Allison certainly seems to be doing that - have a look.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Something to draw

I took these photos back in 2009, at Bigbury On Sea.  We had a great holiday there.  It's always good to have reference photos when you can't get out and about.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Incarceration (well only for the day)

I was asked to be available for work today, a special project that might mean last minute verification and review, so I couldn't stray too far from the laptop.  Fortunately I am able to work "remotely" from home.  However, I couldn't go very far.

Before the office day began, I quickly took Mr P for a walk, photographing the birds along the way and then when I got home I occupied myself with the usual week-end chores, washing, cleaning etc.  I have to do the same tomorrow, so I thought I would save the fun stuff for then - drawing, painting etc.

I realise now that this must be how a caged bird feels; at least I had the run of the house and garden, and a lot of chores to do.  I'm glad I see so many birds on my walk and can see them enjoying the open countryside, just as it should be.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A window to another world...

The little boy lifted the circle of ice on its side.  All at once a magic window opened and a new perspective appeared. 
 "What can you see?" he whispered to me. 
 "I can see light and shade." I replied.  "I can also see lines, straight and curved, I can see shapes." 
"I can see another world of ice."
"I can see infinity going around the edge."
"That's what I can see." I said.

"What can you see?" I asked him

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feather Evolution

I sat waiting for a plane home on Tuesday evening, and decided to read my February edition of the National Geographic magazine.  I was captivated by the article by Carl Zimmer entitled "The Long Curious Extravagant Evolution of Feathers."

Check it out here

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Standing Stones

I stand and wait.  What am I waiting for?  The return of my clans people.  Where are they?  I have been left unattended for thousands of years, falling into disrepair.  I began my life in South Wales and Marlborough, transported from another life to this exposed area of Wiltshire.  I served a purpose once, waiting and then embracing the summer and the winter solstace.  Now I am an attraction for people of many languages.  They walk around the pathway created some distance from my feet.  They marvel, they question, they take photos. But do they understand?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fair Maid of February

An old Moldovan legend says that once in a fight with the winter witch, the beautiful lady Spring cut her finger and few drops of her blood fell on the snow, which melted. Soon on this place grew a snowdrop and in such a way the spring won the winter. 

Snowdrops at the end of the lane.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Follow My Leader

 I remember as a child playing a game called "Follow My Leader".  It was a great game which involved one child walking at the front of a group of children.  Where ever you went, the other children had to follow and this meant lots of strange meandering around the playing field and through the playground equipment; swings, seesaw, monkey bars, round-a-bout, etc.

I had a great time playing this game, but we added a twist so that when the leader turned around, all the other children had to stand still and not get caught moving at all.

Lots and lots of fun!This memory was dug out from the memory chest at the back of my brain.  You know, the place were all distant memories sit, ready for old age.

And so, it was these lovely sheep that sparked that memory for me.  The farmer recently put these beauties in a field that I walk through most days with the dog.  However, now Mr P has to be on a lead!

After several days of walking through the field, I decided to take some pictures for drawing.  As I turned to look back, what should I find but the group following along the track behind me!