Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coombe Hill Wood, Glastonbury

We visit this wood, maybe, three times a year and I don't really know why we don't come more often.  It's a managed wood and has Oak, Elm, and Birch trees and all kinds of wildlife - badgers and rabbits included.

I always get drawn to the Oak trees.  The smaller ones in the woods have been their over two hundred years, but there is a really large one that must be much older than that.  I often wonder what sights this tree will have seen and witnessed over the years.  How people lived and used the woods.  This old Oak tree must have been planted around the early 18th century.

As always, I collected treasure to bring home and draw. 
A branch from an Oak tree that has blown off, some very tiny shells, and small feathers from a hungry animal's feast.

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