Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Hunter

I sit on the highest point of the tree I can find.  My weight makes the branch dip slightly and I must account for this when I launch myself towards my quarry.

I see two hunters with a pack of dogs, two tall dogs with long hair running along the side of the field.   The other two dogs are small and quick, diving in and out of the hedges, searching.

The sun has gone to slumber for the night and as it takes its final glimpse of the world, an azurite sky unfolds.  A stag and a doe suddenly break their stillness and gallop across the fields to evade the pack of dogs that chase them.  They evade capture.

I see all this from the highest point of the tree, I sit still, observing the landscape around me.  Dusk comes.


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  1. This was really cool to read. As I was reading it, I never saw the photo below, until the very last sentence, when I scrolled down. The whole time I was wondering who's perspective would be telling such a story...I like it.