Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blowing the cobwebs off my imagination

Underfoot the snow crunches as I walk, each step releasing a sound to warn the birds that I am approaching.
The wind caresses my warm cheek, slowly evaporating the warmth within me.
The cobwebs are blown from my mind with each gust of wind on this breezy day.
I hear tiny voices calling to me, carried on the movement of air as it passes my ears.
Visions of beautiful maidens dancing gracefully in the sky, following the North wind.
Spirits dancing with the wind, eagles soaring high on the thermals.
Wind chimes playing their melody as the air moves quickly between them.
A Sail taut, pulling it's cargo across the ocean, to a land far away.
Small leaves blown around the garden, then settling down when a pause comes.
Quiet descending as the wind dies.
Beautiful maidens left in my imagination, dancing and singing on the breeze.

All this imagination from a caress of my warm cheek.

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