Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where are the nuts?

I crossed through the spinney on my way to the playground.  It was pick-up time and G would be waiting.  A little bundle of fur suddenly appeared.  She made her way across the car park stopping here and there to see what was going on around her... am I being followed?  Well, she was.  I took my camera out of my bag and began to stalk her in between the cars.

I couldn't find her so I gave up and continued towards the play ground.  Surrounding the car park as a number of really tall trees and my attention was drawn to a dark patch on the trunk of one of these trees.  There she was!  Making her way up and up and up.  She stopped to review something in a small hollow picking some small items up and putting them back.  Is this where they were?

Then onwards and upwards she went until I lost sight of her.

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