Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Small Pleasures No 3 - Red Sky at Night

As I close down my computer from another day at work,
I drift into an inner world of music, art and storytelling.

A quick turn on the clarinet,
a practice of Ave Verum Corpus ready for my next lesson,
and as I play and imagine a whole orchestra behind me,
I find myself drawn toward an illumination outside,
being orchestrated by nature.

The birds are bowing out for the evening,
taking their evensong with them as they head of home,
blackbirds, blue tits and crows.

Their backdrop is a beautiful red sunset flaming through the trees,
telling me its time to take the dog out for one final turn of the fields,
before snuggling up in front of the log fire for this evening.

What a beautiful sight to see at the end of the day!

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