Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Day of Rest!

Actually it didn't seem much like a day of rest to begin with.  I woke up at 7.00am this morning and suddenly decided that I needed to check the bird feeders as they were getting low.  Couldn't have our visitors going hungry.  Then off to the kids club for half and hour.  I rushed home so that we could get ready to go to my brother's but the boys weren't ready.   Finally got off to Weymouth at 11.30am.

I didn't take my camera so no photos of my walk today, but I have listed what I have seen that has made me happy today.

1.  A wagtail
2.  A Heron standing in the middle of the field at the edge of our village.
3.  My brother, his wife, and kids.
4.  The view of Weymouth Bay as we went for a walk.
5.  The kids playing with the last traces of snow.
6.  My dog enjoying his daily exercise.
7.  Home at 7.00pm - leaving some time to relax before bedtime.
8.  Reviewing my latest lino cut print - Crow

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